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Skechers has been a major competitor in the shoe market since its first release in 1990. In 2011, Skechers continues to defend their reputation by consistently providing footwear of the highest quality. By utilizing some of the most creative minds in the business the Skechers product line is constantly evolving, providing the public with hundreds of options based on their personal needs including aiding in weight loss. Not only does Skechers provide all of the generic types of footwear, they recently started a revolutionary line of shoes known as "Shape-ups" that has taken the industry by storm. With multiple types of celebrities, including sports figures, endorsing their products it seems that Skechers has a shoe for just about everyone and since they consistently produce top quality merchandise they are a great choice for practical, affordable footwear.

Skechers: What makes it different?
  • Promise of an affordable and high quality product, good for the whole family.
  • Vast selection, providing multiple choices to satisfy customers various tastes.
  • Extremely practical footwear thats durable and long lasting, useful for working tasks.
  • Skechers revolutionary Shape-ups provide a work out throughout daily tasks, turning walking into a much more benificial activity.
  • Skechers customer service, including warranties, are geared toward achieving the patrons' complete satisfaction.
Skechers vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Skechers)

The footwear industry is one of great competition. Skechers competes with no less than 25 other major shoe brands including Nike and Reebok. Nike is the most well known shoe manufacturer in the world and as one might imagine a very tough competitor. Providing a vast product base that encompasses nearly all types of footwear proves to be an obstacle for Skechers and other shoe manufacturers alike. Skechers must go above and beyond with advertising techniques and competitive pricing to compete in such an industry. The sheer number of types of shoes available from Skechers helps immensely by providing almost every consumer an option in their product line. High quality footwear, phenomenal customer service and competitive engineering allow Skechers to flourish despite great competition from industry leaders such as Nike. Skechers revolutionary Shape-ups also have a massive amount of competition. The market for "toning shoes" has risen dramatically in recent years due to increasing office hours and a declination in physical labor. The awareness level of toning shoes has risen also, consumers love the idea of physically beneficial walking shoes. The success of Shape-ups is a result of their revolutionary design and flawless advertising techniques. Skechers decided to dominate the toning shoe market by advertising them more than anyone had before and as a result catapulted the toning shoe market to new heights. Skechers continues to dominate this market because of their relentless advertising although they still face tough competition from companies such as Reebok who offer a less expensive alternative, such as the toning shoes being sold here.

Skechers: Product images & screenshots
Skechers Coupons
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Skechers: Customer reviews & comments

Skechers as a company prides themselves on providing an array of products for each and every type of customer. With so many styles of footwear to choose from, it seems that everyone can benefit from at least one of Skechers products. For instance, someone pressed for time, looking to add more physical activity to their lifestyle would benefit greatly from the new Skechers Shape-ups. Multiple testimonials from hundreds of customers prove Shape-ups effectiveness and ease of use within their daily routine, including this 68 year old woman who states, "I have been hairstylist for 50 years next September 1st, and needless to say my body has been abused. I have had an ankle and hip replacement in the last 5 years and through the last 17 years had 16 foot surgerys. My feet are a mess, along with my balance.... A month ago a client told me about Shape-ups and I bought a pair the day I tried them on. I walked out of the store and didn't have to use my cane!" This profound story is only one of thousands around the world. Being sold alongside Skechers revolutionary Shape-ups are the rest of their products that include all types of footwear ranging from slip-resistant work wear to durable athletic wear such as running shoes.

Skechers: Detailed review

Skechers provides world class footwear in an extremely competitive industry. Overall, they are a first rate company that supplies thousands of consumer’s high quality footwear for work, play and sports all alike. The revolutionary product by Skechers known as Shape-ups are nothing more than a genius design engineered to make walking more beneficial by working out ones legs every step and improving posture in the process. These shoes are available in multiple styles for both men and women of all ages. Skechers also applied slip resistant technology to some Shape-ups models which made them possible for use at the workplace. It seems that Skechers makes a product for just about every type of person, man or woman, including but not limited to:

  • Infant footwear
  • Running and Tennis shoes
  • Toning footwear
  • Skateboarding shoes
  • Boots
  • Casual footwear
  • Dress Shoes 
  • Sandals etc.

Skechers accommodates all types of special feet by making footwear in wide sizes and also larger than average sizes in almost every type of shoe. The specificity of Skechers products shows the thought and effort put forth by the company to satisfy their customers’ wants and needs. With so much talent behind the production of each design and the amount of money spent on research and development it is easy to see why Skechers is a leader in such a competitive industry. A company that works so diligently to satisfy their customers’ needs and continuously produces high quality merchandise is surely worthy of just about anyone’s business.

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