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Lugz is a brand launched by a family owned company that sells boots, shoes, sneakers and workshoes. The brand caters primarily for men, but also sell women's boots and slip-ons, infants' boots and shoes and boots for youths.

There is a wide variety of men's shoes on offer consisting of

  • Boots
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Wide Widths
  • Workproof shoes and boots

The workproof footwear is hard-wearing, like all Lugz footwear, and is also scuff-proof.

Lugz: What makes it different?

The primary advantages of this product are

  • Lugz has a good name that is synonymous with boots and shoes
  • The men's shoes and boots are hard-wearing and comfortable
  • The selection of footwear includes smart and functional items for both men and women
  • The infants selection of boots and shoes is attractive to look at as well as being good for the children's feet.
Lugz vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Lugz)

Ugg Boots is probably Lugz biggest rival as this Australian company has established itself as one of the most famous brand of men's and women's boots around.

The designs range from classic to rugged,  but the company established its name on one distinctive rangeof boots. There are a lot of imitations and copycat Ugg Boots being sold all over the world at greatly reduced prices, which rather devalues this company.

Converse is another brand which has developed its own distinctive style of boots. They are so distinctive in brightly coloured canvas with the round Converse badge on each boot and  they are not really in competition with Lugz.

The company has developed a very successful boot, with a new style coming out every year, but it has  stuck to the same basic design. The company also do canvas shoes but it is the boots that are the most sought-after product. The company caters for a different market to Lugz, the boots are mostly bought and worn by teenagers and "rock chicks."  They are more of a fashion statement than a functional boot like Lugz products.

Lugz: Product images & screenshots
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Lugz: Customer reviews & comments

The boots and shoes are best suited for the younger man, perhaps 35-years-old and below who either like the countryside or are employed  in a profession where they need functional, hard-wearing boots and shoes for work. 

It is the sort of footwear a young businessman might change into when he gets home from the office, and wants to relax over a pint in his local pub.

Lugz is catering for the trendy young man with their Zrocs Dyse One. These trainer-type shoes with their gothic-style graphic, tagged by San Diego graffiti artist Dyse One, and sleek metal lace hardware will appeal to teenagers and young men in their early 20s. They sell for $64.99 and there is free shipping on all purchases.

Sailors will be interested in the canvas shoes which come in four different styles, all of which are suitable for deck shoes.

One customer wrote a genuine thank-you letter "To Whom It May Concern" at Lugz

On April 9th 2000 I was involved in a car accident that almost cost me my life, I was wearing a pair of Lugz boots. My foot was pinned between the car door and the floor boards, if I wasn't wearing your boots I would have lost my foot. I've been through several reconstruction surgeries. I just wanted to say thank you a lot. The doctor said if it weren't for the Lugz I was wearing my foot would have gone. Regards Brian K. Leonard.

Lugz: Detailed review

Lugz brand was launched in October 1993 by a family-owned company which has 63 years experience in making shoes. Initially Lugz consisted of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans and since then the brand has really taken off.

It now concentrates wholly on shoes and boots, predominantly for men, although they have now introduced boots and slip-ons for women, boots for youths and boots and shoes for infants. 

The footwear is carefully styled using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and comfort. All the boots and shoes feature premium leathers and durable construction and everything is designed with the fashion-conscious customer in mind. Lugz knows their target-market and sticks to the right styles to suit this market.

Two of their newest designs are the Tambora which has a suede shaft, a soft acrylic suede lining, cushioned insole and padded tongue. There is a rubber toe cap and heel and an adjustable fold-down collar. These come in brown, black and cream and retail at $74,99

The other new design is the trendy Pathway which comes in red, wheat, old white/chocolate cream, black and white/peacock blue. They have a padded collar, cushioned insole and they a military-style design. They sell for $59.99

Lugz boots and shoes are more likely to be purchased by men than by women, unless they are buying the infant range which are unique and attractive, because the brand has a good reputation for hard-wearing durable footwear.

The most important things about Lugz are

  • The brand has a good name and the company has a lot of experience in footwear design and manufacture
  • The footwear is durable and hard-wearing and lasts a long time
  • The shoes and boots are fashionable, but not trendy, and are useful for work in some professions, as well as for leisure
  • Lugz is bringing out new designs all the time so has moved with the times since the brand was first launched.
  • They target a certain corner of the market and stick to it, without trying to appeal to the masses so customers can rely on the brand.
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